Hip and Knee Replacement Patients:

Wetworks for Joints CLASS INFORMATION

Classes are NOT RUNNING in the months of November-December 2017.  Please check back for updates in December for the 2018 location and schedule.

This is a water-based class for those that are recovering from hip &/or knee replacement surgery OR waiting for surgery. The purpose of the class is to help strengthen around the joint and improve flexibility. There is no swimming required.

  • Please ensure that the doctor referral form is filled out by either your surgeon, specialist, or doctor PRIOR to the first class.
  • If you have had surgery, you may participate in the class as soon as your incision has healed.
  • Please fill out and mail the registration form (ALL of it) to North Vancouver, PRE-PAYMENT MUST accompany your registration in order to secure a spot in the class. No post-dated payments please.
  • Bathing suits are required, no street clothes in the pool please.


Classes take place at:


Consent form ONLY (for Dr. offices)



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